All Times Soon

I know I went through the wardrobe once already this week, but today – back to Narnia. Fair warning: I’ll probably do it again (and again) in the coming weeks. After today, though, I think I’ll set a little rule for myself never to do so twice in one week. I wouldn’t want you or I to get Narnia’d out. Thing is, the journey I’m taking back through Lewis’s series has been fun and good for me.

At the moment I’m a little over halfway through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Just two nights ago, I bumped into one of those rare moments Aslan shows up – and in this particular moment, he shows up to Lucy. I’ll spare us all too much context and simply say the great lion arrives in the midst of Lucy’s casting of a spell from an old Magician’s book that will make invisible things visible, and in so doing, save her life and the lives of others. But once the spell is cast and turmoil is settled, Aslan turns to leave as quickly as he came. As you would imagine, Lucy’s undone by his desire to (seemingly) leave her to herself once again. Aslan spots her grief and says, “Do not look so sad. We shall meet soon again.”

“Please, Aslan,” said Lucy, “what do you call soon?”

“I call all times soon,” said Aslan.

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The Good News of Silence

I’ve been re-reading “The Chronicles of Narnia” at night before bed, and even now in my late thirties I do the very thing I did back in grade school when I first read the books: I lean in just a little more each moment Aslan comes on the scene. But he doesn’t show up a lot, does he? When you step away from the books, you have a tendency to remember the lion bounding about on every other page. But when you return to the series, no – he’s rarely there (at least not in a tangible way). So when he does arrive in all his splendor, you’re enraptured as a reader. You’ve been waiting to hear just what it is he has to say to the characters you’re concerned about, be it Lucy or Edmund or Eustace or Caspian. What’s frustrating is that in these precious-few moments, Aslan’s just as likely not to say much of anything as he is to speak. He’ll arrive and get right to letting the person in front of him do the majority of the talking.

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I Am Me

This past November we learned Eden needed to get both braces and a spacing device lodged in the roof of her mouth. It was a bit of a shock, seeing as she’s just seven, but they carefully pointed out to us all the reasons. Too much crowding at the top, which can only result in a toothy mess. A severe overbite that would eventually bring about chewing issues. All of this working together to create significant gum and jaw pain. I’m sure there was one reason more – the orthodontist’s son needed a new car – but that one was wisely left out of the PowerPoint presentation. We took it all in and decided what needed to be done needed to be done, and it would be done over Eden’s Christmas break. Eden was none too pleased, but she was largely quiet about it, except one initial outburst of tearful anger over there being far less popcorn in the near and foreseeable future. As the big day drew closer, however, she grew even quieter, folding in on herself despite our attempts to talk with her about it. Spotting the agony, Sarah and I did what any good parent does – we kicked around calling the whole thing off. But we did what any good parent does – we didn’t. So, just after the first of the year, Eden got her braces.

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This past Saturday we spent the evening at Disney Springs with some friends who were down for vacation. On the drive over to meet them, I asked Sarah for her thoughts on whether or not we’d be attending a church service the next day. The week had been a long and tiring one for her – her first week at her new teaching gig – and I could only assume we were going to get in quite late after our visit.

“Oh, I had figured we were still going to go to one of the later services,” she said.

“You know, I think I need it,” I replied.

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